Risks of Donating Liver You Should Know

Have you considered to donate your liver soon or after you pass away?

Here are the risks of donating liver you should bear in mind before taking any physical action.


You need to consider of bile leakage as your biggest concern when you decide to donate your liver. But no worries, this kind of situation does not happen frequently, it’s just a small percentage that consider as a risk of donating liver.

But less worry, as this bile leakage are able to cure and resolve, it will definitely not cause any death to happen. Your surgeon will be able to help you by adding a small tube in your liver to restore the bile leakage, if it really happens, and it will not cause any side effects afterwards.

Some of them even might get inflammation of their wounds after donating their liver and it end up causing infection to happen.

Unregulated Supplements Chew Up Your Liver

Nobody can predict what will happen next sometimes, so blame no one if you really consider to donate your liver, although it is a minor surgery, but still, it is a surgery, so we need to consider carefully before making any discussion. You can definitely discuss with your family before any big decision.

After done liver surgery, you are not able to lift any object that is heavy or doing any “huge” exercise for at least three months, the best is six months.

The infection not only will influence your wounds, if unlucky, it will also damage your other organs as well. The doctor is the key of this, make sure throughout the full procedure of surgery, everything is clean and hygiene, no reusable tools.

If you do not want to be one of the liver disease patients, then you definitely need to consider of best liver disease medicine in Malaysia. Taking good care and full responsibility of your own health is your daily committed job.